Shawn Holloway

Coach Shawn is the head trainer and co-owner of CrossFit Terra-Firma,he is a Level I CrossFit Trainer, Crossfit Gymnastic's, Crossfit Striking, and  Level  1 Sports Performance Coach through the USAW. He began his his journey in athletics and sports as a young kid and has continued to compete in sports his entire life. He has served his community for over 18 years in law enforcement and over 13 years as a SWAT team member and currently as the SWAT Team Commander. It was during his years of SWAT service that he was introduced to CrossFit with other team members. Shawn began pursuing CrossFit more and more as time went by and soon realized that no other training system was more effective than CrossFit. Shawn has been a member on winning teams at the Heartland of America Crossfit Competition in 2011 and 2012. He finished 37 in the world in 2013 Crossfit Open Masters Division and 164 in North Central Regional. He also finished 2nd Place in the 2013 Europa Games-Masters Division. Shawn looks forward to teaching others the life changing training methods, nutrition, and strong mindsets that CrossFit brings. He also believes in the value of a team mindset and the power it yields when a community stands together.


Billy Collins



Coach Billy is a Crossfit Level I Trainer. Billy is also certified to coach Crossfit Gymnastics, Crossfit Olympic Lifting, Crossfit Striking, Crossfit Defense, and is a certified competition judge. Billy is also certified as a Level 1 Sports Performance Coach through USA Weightlifting. Billy was a member of the 2013 Heart of America Terra-Firma team, placed 5th in his division at the Europa War Games in Dallas, and has entered the CrossFit Games Open, in the Men's Masters Division since 2012. He is a former U.S. Marine and is currently serving his community as a law enforcement officer and SWAT operator. His training has taught him the values of commitment and team unity, that he brings to his athletes everyday. Billy is motivated to help others achieve their Crossfit goals. His wife Davina and youngest daughter Kieron, are both active Crossfitters and can be found at the box with him daily.


Davina Collins


Coach Davina began her CrossFit journey about two years ago when she showed up at the box with her husband Billy. Reluctant at first, she stated that she "just wanted to row" a little bit. Fast forward to 2014 and she has become a fierce competitor and has become a Level1 CrossFit Coach. Davina was on the 2013 Heart of America team for Terra-Firma. Davina has a way of connecting with new comers, and making them feel welcome in the community. She has begun to take on a large share of the on-ramp classes and does an outstanding job of mentoring the new athletes. Davina has participated in the CrossFit Games Open Women's Masters Division since 2013.


Gil Christensen

Coach Gil has been a staple at Terra-Firma pretty much since the beginning.  There may be no more likable guy to be around.  Gil achieved his CFL1 cert in 2013. In addition to being a great coach and motivator, he is the only guy who spends ALL his time at the gym.  Gil keeps things running and has really "classed the joint up".  One of Gil's passions is olympic lifting, and it shows in his impeccable form and ability to coach proper form.  If anyone can fix Davina's overhead squat, we think it will be Gil.

Sat. January 25, 2014


Heath "Bar" Strauch


Sat. January 25, 2014

Rick Dinsmore

Coach Rick has been with us for a couple years now and has come on strong as an athlete and motivator for his fellow gym mates.  Rick recently completed his Level1 Cert and has begun to take on some coaching duties. Rick looks forward to growing his role as a coach and mentor as he lends his business expertise to help the gym grow.  Rick has become a huge asset to the gym and an ambassador for the CrossFit lifestyle.  We are lucky to have him as part of our family.

Sat. January 25, 2014

Amanda Tolley

Coach Amanda joined Terra-Firma around two years ago.  General consensus was that she was too petite for CrossFit.  Well folks, general consensus was WRONG!  Amanda has come on as an athlete and continues to get better.  Amanda was a member of the 2013 Heart of America competition team and truly showed that she has a ton of heart.  Amanda recently completed her Level1 Cert and has begun to help with coaching duties.  She is an asset to our box and we all look forward to watching her continue to grow as an athlete.  3-2-1 Go definitely flips her Beast switch on.

Tue. November 27, 2012

Linda Godfrey

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